Wholesale Car Prices

Wise consumers seek out wholesale car prices, whether they are searching for newer style vehicles or used cars. Wholesale car prices save the consumer a considerable amount of money, and do not include the typical dealer markups associated with many vehicles for sale by professional car sellers.

Wholesale Car Prices Defined

Wholesale car prices are the prices often reflected on the dealer's invoice when the dealer buys new and used cars at wholesale car prices. Wholesale car prices are also prices applied to many vehicles offered in auctions. When a car shopper buys a car at wholesale car price, he or she is not buying the vehicle with a significant markup applied to the cost of the vehicle by the dealer. Wholesale car prices and used car wholesale prices are established by different books that car sellers reference, and the prices are based on the condition of the car, the make of the car, and the model of the vehicle.

Wholesale Used Car Prices

Wholesale used car prices and new wholesale car prices are easier to come by than one might first imagine. While many consumers falsely believe that used car wholesale prices are something that is only accessible to professional car sellers and dealers, it is possible for consumers to get wholesale used car prices as well as new car wholesale prices when buying a car. If a car shopper knows where to begin shopping, getting wholesale used car and new car offers is completely possible.

The first place a potential car buyer should check out when seeking used car wholesale prices are any number of automobile auctions. Information about vehicle auctions can be obtained via newspaper classified advertisements, and the Internet, and many used cars and trucks are offered at various vehicle auctions: sometimes under wholesale car used prices. Auctions offering used cars at wholesale used car prices are hosted by government entities that are either selling confiscated used cars or government cars.

The government cars that are sold at auction are sometimes vehicles used by government employees and the vehicles are well-maintained and taken care of. When a government entity replaces a fleet of vehicles with newer models, they will frequently sell the old fleet of employee vehicles for used car wholesale prices on the auction block. Finally, the prices auctioneers used to establish used car wholesale prices are set forth in The Kelly Blue Book, at http://www.kbb.com and the Black Book. For more information on Black Book Values visit Black Book USA at: http://www.blackbookusa.com/.

Both new and used car prices can be researched by the consumer beforehand so that he or she can know what a vehicle is worth as well as how much he or she should expect to pay for an auctioned vehicle.

Wholesale Used Car Prices and Fleet Vehicles

Government auctions are not the only type of businesses that offer used and new cars at wholesale prices. Car rental agencies will frequently replace their line of fleet vehicles every few years, and such agencies look to make some money back on their old fleet by offering the cars on the auction block. Car rental fleets are equally well maintained vehicles; they are subjected to regular maintenance and inspected each and every time a customer picks up and drops off the vehicle.

An Example of Wholesale Selling Car Prices

When buying at wholesale selling car prices a car shopper can literally save thousands of dollars on a vehicle, whether the vehicle is an SUV, a luxury car, a compact car, a passenger car or a crossover. Let us take a look at the following example pertaining to a passenger vehicle to see how much a consumer can save.

If a potential car buyer was interested in buying a used 2007 Honda Accord, Sedan with an SE trim, and 60,000 miles on it the suggested retail price offered in the Kelley Blue Book for the latter vehicle, if in excellent condition, is roughly $15,300.00. Now, the term "suggested retail price" should be defined for clarity's sake; the above mentioned figure includes the costs that a car dealer incurs for making any repairs to the car, for ads, commissions and other business costs.

Wholesale car prices for used cars are far less than the suggested retail prices established in the Kelley Blue Book when a consumer shops at auctions because the dealer or intermediary seller is cut out of the equation. In fact, when offered by a private seller or auction, the same vehicle in excellent condition could be nearly 2,200 dollars less and priced around $13,100.00. As mentioned previously, the condition of the cars is reflected in wholesale car selling prices; the same car in good condition is valued at $12,000.00, and in fair condition is valued at around $10,600.00. The latter figures make it evident that wholesale car selling prices are the most affordable prices for consumers in search of a used car or vehicle.

Anyone is eligible for wholesale car prices if the he or she shops in the right place and conducts a little bit of research before actually buying a new or used car.

Retrieving information from the Kelley Blue Book and the Black Book online is a good place to start when shopping for new and used car wholesale prices. The prices reflected in the latter books are based on the age of the car, the condition of the interior and exterior of the car, and the mileage on the car. Finally, the engine and transmission type and the features a car or truck has will also be influential when the wholesale price or value is determined.

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